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2015 Product Cost Summary ($195 or 3 for $495)
I wish to purchase a copy of the 2015 Product Cost Summary. (You will receive an invoice with your order. If, for any reason, you are not fully satisfied, you may return the Summary within 5 days of receipt in lieu of payment.)

Activity-Based Assessment of Balance Sheet Products
Please send me information on the Activity-Based Assessment of Balance Sheet Products, including a complimentary copy of the informative booklet... “Profitably Grow Your Balance Sheet.”

ABC Product Profitability “Snapshot”
Please send me information on the ABC Product Profitability "Snapshot", including a free sample report that is representative of what we would receive as a result of acquiring this service.

ABC Operational Process “Drill Down”
Please send me information on the ABC Operational Process “Drill Down” that evaluates operational processes (such as loan origination) and identifies immediate cost reduction opportunities referred to as Cost Drivers, bottle necks, and non-value added aspects of Activities.

FREE Copy of White Paper,How To Assess Product Profitability” By Michael J. Kohl, President/CEO
Published by Financial Managers Society in 2007

Free copy of Kohl's booklet, “Profitably Grow Your Balance Sheet with Activity-Based Costing and Product Profitability Management”

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The Kohl Advisory Group
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Scottsdale, Arizona 85258
888-918-KOHL (5645)

“We received substantially more than anticipated. We now have a more comprehensive Product Profitability Report, which incorporates extensive interviews with staff and contains detailed meaningful components of costs, to assist us in product profitability analysis.”

Janet Lee
Chief Financial Officer
Chevron Federal Credit Union
$1.4 billion assets

“Over the last ten years Navy Federal has used Kohlís Activity-Based Assessment to better understand and manage the cost and profitability of our products and services. In today's environment, in order to remain competitive, we strongly believe that credit unions need to understand and effectively manage what their products and services earn. Kohl's Activity-Based Assessment provided us with the tool to understand our product and service profitability.”

Joel Polster
SVP Financial Operations
Navy Federal Credit Union
$40 billion assets

“This is just the information our credit union has needed and we'll be putting it to very good use. I feel like a blind woman who's just had laser eye surgery!

Thanks again!”

Karen Rosales
Marketing & Business Dev.
Justice Federal Credit Union
$500 million assets

“Kohl Advisory Groupís "ABC Product Profitability Snapshot" not only develops cost and profitability by product, but also explains why our products cost and earn what they do. In addition Kohl provides guidance and training on how to use the accompanying software ("EZ What if" Model) to develop and test product related strategies. Our recent rollout of a member onboarding program helped us design a suite of profitable products that increase the usage and number of services acquired by members; generating revenue in areas that were loss leaders.”

Theresa Lotito-Camerino
Edge Federal Credit Union
$40 million assets